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You can check the status on any order by clicking the ORDER STATUS graphic button at the top of the colored menu column on the site:

CLICK HERE to display the status of your last/current order

Clicking on this button will display a screen (See Below) that will ask for the order number you want to investigate along with the password for that order:


We monitor the status and progress of shipments daily as information becomes available to us from our shipping and warehouse areas. Tracking numbers normally are posted the day after the shipment leaves our warehouse.

You can QuickTrack an existing order - that is check the shipping status and delivery date for your order - even if you do not remember your password. After clicking the ORDER STATUS button, enter the order number you want to track in the Order Number box, put the SHIP-TO ZIP CODE (or the order password) into the Password box, CHECK the TRACKING ONLY box, then hit the DISPLAY button. The system will automatically connect you directly into the Fedex or UPS online tracking system linked to your particular shipment. These systems only maintain several months of tracking history, so if you check too far back in time (e.g. more than six months previously), they may have already purged their information.

If for any reason you do not see any updated shipping information on your order, it is likely still in our queue of orders to process for the day. Most orders are processed and fulfilled within 4 to 6 business days after your order has been submitted. If you do not see an update with in 4 business days after placing the order, please e-mail our Customer Service Center so we can investigate the delay for you. On your email please include your full name, your order number, the date you placed the order, your e-mail address, and the phone number and time that you can best be reached.

The basic flow of information on each HelpFindit order is that first we post the proposed shipping date against the order. On items in stock, this is normally posted the day the order is created. On items with some lead time or very low stock levels, this occurs as soon as we receive accurate information from the warehouse, normally within 2 business days. Once the order has been processed and picked up by Fedex or UPS, the WAYBILL NUMBER for the shipment is posted against the order on the site. The WAYBILL NUMBER on the order screen is hot linked directly to Fedex or UPS, so you can click on it and track the progress of your shipment using their online systems without having to type anything into your browser.

Customers can also call one of our service representatives and receive friendly, personal attention. If a back order occurs, you may decide to wait for the item, choose a comparable available item, or cancel the order. You may cancel an order, which is not customized, or special ordered prior to shipment. Cancellation of customized orders, special researched or special ordered merchandise prior to production or shipment will be at the discretion of the vendor. Restocking or penalty fees may apply. Products that are special ordered include custom furniture, certain types of jewelry, major appliances, computers or any merchandise specifically made to order or special ordered for the customer. Please do not make other arrangements to purchase the merchandise prior to receiving confirmation from our office that we were able to cancel the order. CLICK HERE to read about our RETURN POLICY.

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