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Price/Stk 9 models by Trendware found: ImageAction
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1 in stock
Trendware TFC-1600 16SLOT CHAS SYS FOR FIBER CONVRT Hub/Repeater/Converter    
Can order
Trendware TFC-1600MM MGMT MOD SNMP FOR TFC-1600 Miscellaneous Device Modules    
142 in stock
Trendware TEG-S24G TRENDnet TEG S24G - Switch - 24 x 10/100/1000 - rack-mountable    
10 in stock
Trendware TEG-S16G TRENDnet TEG S16g - Switch - 16 x 10/100/1000 - rack-mountable    
Can order
Trendware TU3-H4 4PT USB 3.0 HUB LAN Hubs (Standalone)    
1 in stock
Trendware TE100-S24D TRENDnet TE100 S24D - Switch - 24 x 10/100 - desktop    
Can order
Trendware TE100-S16D TRENDnet TE100 S16D - Switch - 16 x 10/100 - desktop    
6 in stock
Trendware TU2-700 HS USB 2.0 7PT HUB W/ PWR ADPT LAN Hubs (Standalone)    
4 in stock
Trendware TU2-ET100 USB 2.0 TO 10/100 FETH ADPT LAN Hubs (Standalone) LxWxH=7.90x6.30x1.40    

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