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Price/Stk 10 models by LG Electronics found: ImageAction
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1 in stock
LG Electronics CF3D FDH 3D PROJ 2500LUMEN PASSIVE SXRD 3D 7000:1 Projectors - 2100-3000 Lumens LxWxH=26x27x13    
5 in stock
LG Electronics BX503B XGA (1024 X 768) DLP PROJECTOR. 5,000 LUMENS, 2,500:1 (FIFO) CONTRAST RATIO, 4-S LxWxH=16x19x8    
Can order
LG Electronics BX403B XGA (1024 X 768) DLP PROJECTOR. 4,000 LUMENS, 2,000:1 (FIFO) CONTRAST RATIO, 6-S LxWxH=16x19x8    
Can order
LG Electronics BX401C MMPROJ XGA 4000LUMEN 2800:1 Projectors - 3100 & Up LxWxH=17x15x7    
11 in stock
LG Electronics BX286 XGA (1024 X 768) SHORT-THROW PROJECTOR 78.6 @1M., 2800 LUMENS, 2,100:1 CONTRAST LxWxH=16x13x9    
5 in stock
LG Electronics BX327 XGA (1024 X 768) DLP PROJECTOR. 3,200 LUMENS, 2,300:1 (FIFO) CONTRAST RATIO, 4-S LxWxH=15x15x6    
4 in stock
LG Electronics HX300G LED PROJ 270LUMEN XGA 1024X768 DIVX MP3 MPEG3 Projectors - 1000 Lumens & Under LxWxH=12x10x4    
Can order
LG Electronics HS200 HS200 - 200 ANSI LUMEN - 800 X 600 - 24-BIT (16.7M COLORS) - 4:3 LxWxH=19x7x4    
10 in stock
LG Electronics BX274 XGA (1024 X 768) , 2700 LUMENS, 2,100:1 CONTRAST RATIO, 5-SEGMENT COLOR WHEEL, 2 LxWxH=13x12x8    
Can order
LG Electronics AJ-LDX5 PROJ LAMP FOR BX401C Projector Accessories LxWxH=7x7x7    

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